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Prima Reinsurance
Proudly Zambian

As Prima Re we endeavour to build strong bonds with our stakeholders who are our clients (both local and international), our communities in which we live and our environment. As part of our strategy, we hold various seminars meant to meet the needs of our clients.

We intend to keep holding seminars that give our stakeholders insight into reinsurance and thus helping them achieve their strategic goals of growth and prosperity and at the same time, contributing to the development of the insurance market.


Reinsurance Training.



The objectives of these seminars serve to improve mutual understanding of the market and the services that are available to them. Thus providing much needed expertise that otherwise would not be readily available. To achieve this we partner with major clients within the region to provide a rich experience to our stakeholders.


Annual Golf Tournament.



The Prima Re Golf Tournament brings industry golf enthusiasts together for a wonderful day on the course with lunch, cocktail and Awards Ceremony.